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076 Rasika, age 24, India

My teacher, my mentor – Diabete

I was 10 years old when I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, being in class 4th my mind was juggling in finding HCF (Highest common factor) and LCM (Lowest Common Multiple) of two numbers. My developing brain was full too in adaptive mode, it was taking the form whatever shape you want to give it. So it very well adapted to the schedule of taking four injections daily without much questioning. But unfortunately my parents’ brain was developed one, it was difficult for them to understand and accept the fact that their only child is suffering from chronic disease and she will have to be with it forever.

My parents tried to remain calm and act positive, and within months they too accepted my mentor Diabetes. Yes, my mentor, I believe everything has purpose in life. In the same sense, Diabetes has been my mentor and will continue to be until I go back to the earth.

From the day I had Diabetes till today, Diabetes has never failed me in living a disciplined life. It always makes sure that I am eating on time, with just little pricking before it, and I am eating healthy as well. People these days have lot of options for food, especially unhealthy and junk food. So they look for mentors to guide them on what to eat and what not to eat. Well, I got lucky in this situation, my mentor takes care of all of this.

Discipline takes you a long way, it is one of the important qualities to possess to climb the ladder of success. And I feel fortunate enough for Diabetes to ingrain it in me since the right time. I have grown to be a disciplined adult.

My journey with Diabetes has always been a tangent graph, always reaching high. With scoring above 90 in 10th and 12th examination and being able to maintain cgpa of 8.78 in graduation, and being successful performer of the year in my current job, Diabetes was always there, as a Mentor, as a friend, as a companion to remind me I have to take care of myself, my health. There is no barrier living with Diabetes, it is a blessing to have it.

We need to change the outlook of how one takes Diabetes as, we need to understand that there can be no obstacles in the path which you are meant to achieve in this lifetime. We need to learn to convert all the obstacles into path-giver not path-taker. Life is not about google-maps giving us the paths to the destination, it’s about us with our hard work and discipline, creating the roads to our goals.

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