Life for a Child is working towards sustainability in diabetes care within the health systems that young people living with diabetes rely upon. To facilitate this work, we are focused on two key areas: health systems reform and advocacy.

The health systems reform component includes undertaking research and evaluation of the current situation and trends within national health systems in the countries that we support. Doing so helps us understand where the provision of diabetes supplies fits into changes and features within national health policies. Epidemiological and health economics work is also being done to determine needs and costs.

This is an appropriate time to engage with how national health systems are addressing diabetes care. The international health stage is focused on both the profound epidemiological shift from communicable to non-communicable disease, and also the promotion of universal health coverage and equity in health.

Researching health systems informs our advocacy efforts as we can then structure evidence-based and tailor-made approaches for national circumstances. The goal of Life for a Child’s advocacy is to positively change the lives of young people living with diabetes by influencing the increased provision of insulin and other essential components of care.

This work is supported by the Leona M and Harry B Helmsley Charitable Trust.