Education Resources



Education Resources


We produce and email a two monthly Education Bulletin on various topics pertaining to the management of diabetes, to the countries we support.

August 2021

Managing Worries about COVID and Type 1 Diabetes

April 2021

Virtual Diabetes Camps

October 2020

Adjusting Insulin Doses

March 2020

Sick day management

October 2019

Why is correct insulin injection technique important?

July 2019

Pregnancy planning and management in young women with diabetes

April 2019

LFAC Reporting Requirements

October 2018

The International Society for Paediatric Diabetes in Children and Adolescents

March 2018

Measuring blood pressure

November 2017

Guidelines for conducting Diabetes Camp activities in a less-resourced country

September 2017

Social media

July 2017

IDF Life for a Child Type 1 Diabetes Education Wall Charts

May 2017


March 2017

Sick day management

February 2017

IDF LFAC/ISPAD Pocketbook Guidelines: Second Edition

November 2016

Clay Pot Study

September 2016

Carbohydrate counting

June 2016

A good picture

March 2016

School and Children and Young People with Diabetes

October 2015

Neonatal diabetes

August 2015

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