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075 Neha, age 16, Pakistan

Fighting the Sweetness

This is the written script of all the traumas faced by an ordinary yet unique girl when she mentions all the peaks and troughs of her life.

It all started when I was in my 11th year of survival in this world, I was a chubby little creature. I was living my life to its fullest and was studying and crafting as usual. Everything was ‘flat as a pancake’ till one day the real obstacle came in the form of weight loss. I began to lose weight really fast (and by fast I mean REALLY FAST) I lost 10 kg in approximately 4 months, but everyone took it lightly blaming it on the diet. I went off board when I faced major hair loss. I had really long and healthy hair but by the end of 5th month it started to look more like a mouse tail. My family started to notice drastic changes in me and took me to a family doctor. He anxiously asked me for a blood test but guess what, I HAD REAL FEAR OF INJECTIONS. Being the little one I used my blackmailing skills and dragged it till 7 MONTHS and delayed it. But one day my family was really serious about it and took me to the LAB (I played the drama there too). Finally, the reports came *drum rolls* I WAS DIABETIC (wow). I didn’t know what was happening to me. Anxiety kicked in and at that time I really wanted someone to tell me that “Neha you’re strong and YOU CAN DO IT!”. In January 2016 I had my first insulin injection (very hard). My family tried everything to keep me away from those INJECTION BUDDIES but who knew that they were going to be my BESTIE’S FOR LIFE. My life was a piece of cake but who knew this cake was a little too sugary. After months of trial on insulin, I came to realize that THIS IS PERMANENT AND I OWN IT. After you start owning your flaws you start working on them. I have had diabetes for almost 5 years now and I actually feel blessed (No I’m not crazy). Diabetes makes me stand out tall in the crowd and makes me unique amongst all. Sometimes I feel down when experiencing high sugar level but that’s not the end of the world . I’m living a stable life right now and ready to conquer the world.

“All you need to believe is YOU”

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