In a place where children are dying for want of essential diabetes supplies, 17-year-old Betty is a beacon of hope…​

In Ethiopia, diabetes supplies can cost well over half of household income. And in some cases, lack of access to insulin and supplies can cost people their lives. It’s easy to lose hope. That’s why Betty’s story is so inspiring.

When six-year-old Zainab stopped smiling, her father knew that something was seriously wrong…

Zainab’s type 1 diabetes diagnosis rocked her family. But with the extraordinary support of her father, Muhammad, and the generosity of Life for a Child supporters, she was able to find her smile again. Read on to find out how.

"It was a huge shock, everyone was worried." Manuel's Grandfather, Bolivia.

When Manuel was diagnosed with type 1 his grandfather didn't know how he would afford insulin and diabetes supplies for his grandson.

Mireille was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 10 years old.

Although the diagnosis was a terrible shock, it was a shock that the family knew all too well.

At just five years old, Brandon was fighting for his life.

Today he is training to be a dentist and wants to help others living with diabetes in his community.

Diabetes couldn't keep Amita from her love of learning.

Dealing with the demands of diabetes in rural Nepal has been hard for Amita and her family. However, with support from Life for a Child, she is thriving.

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