2020 Global Art Competition

073 Jayesh, age 22, India


Deep in his eyes,
Lost was a man so wise.
The wet nurse of violence,
Gave fire to his silence.

Tears of frustration rolled down his cheek,
But the kind soul of his could never speak.
Screams became hushed,
Those dreams never were crushed

Expectations feed the frustrations,
Shattered were all those good actions.
Even the pride was lost,
B’coz it was

Depression, who came along…

But, it didn’t mean the end,
Decision was the leftover life not just to spend.
Overcoming the dead past wasn’t easy,
Even its thoughts made him dizzy.

Igniting the spark of big plan,
Determination was very clear to be the wholesome man.
Just endeavour implied deficiency,
Along sacrifices rose the win probability.

Tears into sweat, kind heart into stubborn igniter,
Nights into workouts, patho into fighter.
Struggle went long,
Everything seemed wrong

At last, the low spirit downed the knee,
As the aplomb triggered INSIDE ME.