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074 Usman, age 16, Pakistan

Me and My Diabetes

Sugar has had negative effects on my life. This disease has swallowed up my many desires. Because of diabetes, society considers me a sick person that has no ability to do things. I wish I could join the Army but due to diabetes, I am not able to fulfill my desires. I have had problems with my sugar. I have to take insulin twice daily. Due to diabetes I have a difficult time eating and drinking when I am out with my friends.

I like a lot of sweet things. Because of diabetes, I have taken sweets out of my life. Often at relative’s weddings, I am very careful not to eat anything that would hurt my diabetes. Sugar also changes human behavior. The patient does not have control over himself. If sugar is low or high the patient may not be conscious, or he may have severe anger. In the meantime, he cannot properly handle his affairs.

Diabetes also affects my studies. I can’t perform in my studies the same way that a normal teenager can. I often go to bed early at night because of my diabetes. My parents are supporting me in fighting the disease – they often see me at night.

Children with diabetes feel more distressed. The use of insulin and other tests at an early age adds to the difficulty.

I have personally been suffering from this disease for the past six years and understand the disease to a great extent. If you fight with your heart against this disease, you will be able to overcome the disease. A few wishes can overcome this disease and live a better life until the last days of life.

Fighting against this disease can be done by increasing the immune system.

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