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068 Kalani, age 17, Sri Lanka


In the amidst of a whole world I am a little soul who lives in a world of challenges. With a shrill of a cry a baby comes to the world unknown to what the world holds for them. Perhaps that’s the thrill of living but after living for three years, I faced the first gift that the world holds for me. My Life with Diabetes started at the age of three.

As a baby, I don’t remember much. I remember the hushed whispers of relatives, neighbors asking what is this and that. I was a little diamond that was held for display. With passing seconds, I come across the vivid memory of telling my grade-01 class teacher about being absent the next day as I had a check-up. The only thing that was carved into my little mind was I am sick. I asked my parents when I’ll stop checking blood sugar, I didn’t get a reply. I was left alone in the unknown.

I met my first ever friend back in grade 01, an exchange of pencils brought us closer. Changing homes, I met another group of friends in the neighborhood and the reminder of being sick faded away to the darkness.

Year after year the knowledge in the depth of my mind increased. I was a ball of sunshines in school, a popular kid around the hallways. Back in home, I was a ball of anxiety trying to control my high blood sugar.

Amounts of pressure build up in my throat, but my family and friends were always a step ahead, reaching me with smiles. Every appointment with a doctor was venomous, every jump of a skipping rope was painful, every food was appealing and it hurt but looking at the outcome I’m prideful and I’m happy to become the one controlling diabetes.
I no longer fear the exchange of words with doctors, I no longer felt pain or hurt for exercising and dieting for I accept my challenge and I’m happy to live with it.

As a student upholding talent, I am a topic between groups of friends. For what I achieved I am a proud topic for my parents to talk on, for I have become a winner.
In the amidst of the world I may be a little soul but I am a little soul who already opened my gift.

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