2020 Global Art Competition

067 Adeel, age 13, Pakistan

Encouraging The Diabetic Childs

I am suffering from diabetes type 1. I really enjoy my life with my brothers and sister and my parents. When I got got this disease, my bother and sister tried their best to encourage my life. They would do good discussion with me and divert my mind from this disease. They advised me to keep busy myself in sports and other activities like this. When the symptoms appeared in my body I would feel very tired because of which my routines of food were disturbed and that is because I started to use insulin. But my parents did their best to encourage me and they realized one that is not a very dangerous diseases because it can be cured with some time and routine exercise. Here I want to convey my message to all those children who are suffering from this disease, and to their parents too that they should do a kind conversation with their kids. They should keep them busy in sport activities so they will be healthy and they should also take part in school activities like debates and other competitions. They should take daily exercise. A child, if he got diabetes so it means they have done something wrong to their kid like they might punish them or suppress him. But now the thing that the parents must know is that they should take care of their kid and they should encourage him by giving such things which make his life happy. Now the point is, if the child is behaving responsibly, give him such rewards which can make him happy. By doing this the child will behave in a good way toward his disease and the parents will find the good difference in his health. Over time, the child will behave properly without any need for reinforcement.