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069 Prasadi, age , Sri Lanka

My life with diabetes…

The word might be simple.
It’s just a disease
And it’s harmless you may say
Or may be you may think as well.
But in this world which is
Based on simple things which
Most people ignore,
Simple things are
What makes the world change.
These changes may be positive
And they can also be negative
This spark of fir which
Most of you call a simple disease
Can burn down the nine realms
Like Hellfire
Every life source, even you can burn.
You will become ash, you will lose your last.
You will be absorbed to Mother Earth
This hellfire is summoned by No One.
But No One but you are the one who burn
No one, not even the god will be with you
When you burn, Yes he won’t be there
He may make up an excuse “You are responsible
For this summoning of hellfire.”
Yes, you are it’s your duty to prevent the fire
Before it kindle its first spark.
Cause I failed to do so

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