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064 Ayesha, age 18, Pakistan

Life and Ambition

Life is full of difficulties and hardworking. Everybody in this world work hard to achieve their goals and targets. God has gifted us with talent and intellect. There are different objectives in human life. We work hard to achieve their goals. If we not work hard we will not achieve our goals. Like every person I have my some aims and ambitions in my life. My life is also full of difficulties on hard working like others but one day IN SHA ALLAH I achieve my goals.

12 years ago I was diagnosed with a most harmful disease known as DIABETES. At that time I feel so much pain and embarrassed or shy that everyone lived their life with happiness or joy. Sometimes I cried that why everything happened with me. But when time spend slowly, slowly I can start understanding everything if I can start to control my diet and start a healthy life so I can live my life with happiness. My parents in this world who support me and always motivate me. My parents always support me in every thick and thin of my life.

Now ALHAMDULILLAH I am doing BS in Microbiology. Thanks to Almighty ALLAH and my parents who support me and give more strength in every walk of life. If we work hard with more strength with more power we solve many life problems and we easily achieve our target, our goals. Happiness is the key to success.

If we start to solve many life problems with happiness so easily we achieve our target. Life is full of love and happiness when we try our best in our life we start getting happiness. We have to work hard for our ambitions, for our aims. By the Grace of God and by the support and motivation of parents and people, one day we will achieve our own happiness, our own aims.

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