2020 Global Art Competition

065 Barira, 18, Pakistan

My Life With Diabetes

I was 13 years old when I have cause a bad disease Diabetes and now I am 17 years old. At the start I was very worried about me that how I spend my life with Diabetes. I feel myself very shameful when I check my sugar level and take insulin through syringes. At the start it was very difficult for me. But now, it is part of my life. When my family members and friends eat some sweets then I also want to eat some sweets like chocolates, candies. When I eat sweets my sugar increases and then I take more insulin and I become fat, which is very dangerous for me.

Now I understand that diabetes is not a disease. Diabetes is a way to live our life. If we do exercise daily at a time and eat meal at a time, take our medicines and live happy then we spend our life with diabetes too very happily.