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063 Benazir, age 16, Tajikistan

My diabetes life

I am a 10th grade student of a secondary school in the 59th district of Rudaki of the Republic of Tajikistan. My name is Benazir Nurzoda.

My diabetes life started at the age of 3 years. I don’t even remember how a healthy person feels about herself, because when I started to get sick with this disease I was very young. My mother, who is still fighting for my life with me, is tired. How I found out – I asked her to tell me how I got sick with diabetes. She told me that in kindergarten I lost consciousness and they called my parents. I was lying at home after they took me to the polyclinic and they said there was nothing they could do. She is sick with the flu. When my parents said that our child was asking for a drink, the doctors told them to give me glucose. At home one day I lay down and they gave me a sweet syrup, I got worse and worse.

They brought me to the hospital and started giving glucose again, it got worse and one of the doctors realized that my blood sugar level had risen. When the analysis answers came out, the level of sugar rose to 23 – I lay in a coma for three days.

This is how my diabetes life began with which I became dependent on insulin. I am now an insulin dependent person who uses insulin 3 times a day. From the beginning it was very difficult not only for me, though I don’t remember so much. I know that it was not easy for my parents as well. Many doctors had little hope. But my parents believed in Allah. They know that He will always help me. I believe in Him too. Because when I realized this pain, I accepted it and live with it. And it is already easier for me to cope with this disease. Thanks to my parents, friends, doctors, especially Dilafruz Turanova who will support me in any way. And I see my friends who also have diabetes and I know that I am not the only one in this world. And my healthy friends accept me, understand and believe in me. One of my friends, Ozoda, has been tolerating me for all these years, despite my illness and sometimes difficult character. When I felt bad, she was there for all these years and she accompanied me to school and back home. And also classmates and, first of all, very good girlfriends of Jonon, Mehron, Aziza who also constantly spend time with me and support me.

The main person is my mother Madina, who has persevered for a very long time and until now she loves and cares for me so that I do not need anything. Of course, my dad Nurov also loves and supports me very much. They are everything to me.

Diabetes will never prevent me from living. Because I love life, I am fighting for my life, and I believe that I will live. If a person really believes every time he prays and asks the Almighty for life, He gives it to him. And I believe that my dream of becoming a translator of Korean and English will come true. I dream and believe that my dream will come true, so that I can fly to Korea. And I want to visit the holy land of Makkah and go on Hajj with my parents. And I ask Allah for all the children of the Earth to be healthy and to live happily ever after with their parents.

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