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054 Samiulhaq, age 21, Pakistan

When I was sixteen I used to go to school every day. When I slept at night I began to have lots of urine and my feet and legs became numb. When I went to the doctor, he did a lab test showing me that I had diabetes. I wondered what this was. Slowly I came to know that diabetes is a disease that can affect any part of the human body. Eventually my eyesight began to diminish and the day came that it became obvious that I had cataracts in my eyes. I knew I had to fight against this diabetes. I realized that I had to exercise.

Anyone can exercise, such as playing cricket or walking about four kilometers daily. Most of all, one needs to avoid sweets. There were ups and downs in my life. I was worried because I come from a poor family. I am thankful to the doctors who give me insulin for free. My life has begun to grow.

I am still hoping that my eyesight will get better so that I can get an education and then get a good job. There have been many problems in my life. One time when I was going to the washroom, my hands and feet suddenly trembled and I became unconscious. My uncle took me to the doctor. He said that it was hypoglycemia, a condition when my sugar level is so low that I would need to eat something sweet.

Now I control my diabetes and exercise. Diabetes is a disease that can attack at any time. We have to protect our feet because if I get hurt, it may not heal right away. I rub by feet in the morning and in the evening. I must protect my body. May God protect everyone from this disease so that he would not lose his sight and live a good life.

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