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055 Sumera I, age 11, Pakistan

I want to share with you some moments of my life. My name is Sumera and my father’s name is Ibrar Shah and my mother’s name is Fatima. I have one elder brother and one younger sister. I love my family very much and all of my family love me also. At first we lived in a small village. I like my village very much, but there was no school in the village. So we moved to Abbottabad. Our parents wanted us to be educated so they admitted me to Young Sadaad Public School.

My school is very beautiful and I love my teacher very much. They take care of me. Sir Tayyab is my favorite teacher. I like him very much. I am now in class 7. I don’t like to play but I like to study. I want to become a doctor after completing my studies. I want to complete the dream of my parents. I also like birds very much. I am sorry to say that I was fine until two years ago. These past two years I have diabetes, needing injections. If I don’t inject, my diabetes becomes too high.

At first I was very scared but now I am brave. Now I have no fear of my illness. I am sure that God will heal me sometime and I will recover. I will become a doctor fulfilling our parents’ dreams. My parents are very brave; they care about me and fulfill my every wish.

I love my family; I love all my friends; I love my life…

Literature takes people to the highest levels of morality…

No knowledge because the devil had knowledge but no literature…

Respect for all is our own honor, everyone’s life is their own….

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