2020 Global Art Competition

053 Netmi, age 16, Sri Lanka

My life with Diabetes

It is easy to buy in market
We all want to drink and eat it
My tongue wants to dance and sing it
But sweet is nothing but a culprit

Toffee chocolate you name it
Delicious you say it
Destroys the whole body
If you eat too much of it

Eating too much of sweets
Causing diabetes disease
Useless to regret it
After you get the trouble

Do not eat much sweets
Not more than you please
Do not be obese
Exercise and do not cease

Say no to the sweets
Work out body and feet
More vege should you eat
Keep your mind at peace

If you keep days just like this
Your life would surely be a bliss
Better give sweets a goodbye kiss
That makes your health dismiss