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048 Abdul B, age 17, Pakistan

This happened in January 2017. I was a student in 8th class. Life was very easy. It was snowy weather and one night I had to go to the bathroom often. My parents noted that I was doing this. In the morning they took me to Ayub Hospital for a check up. My mom is very knowledgeable. She had sugar testing done. When they saw the reports they were quite worried. After morning breakfast my urine and blood were tested. My sugar was 743 and my blood pressure was also high. My parents admitted me to the hospital according to the doctor instructions. My doctor started IVs and insulin on me. In those 16 days I understood that my life was about to change dramatically.

Even though I used medicine, my sugars were not well controlled. My parents and I were worried. Someone told us about BCH and recommended that we see Dr Angela, a pediatrician who cares for child diabetics. My parents took me to BCH.

Now I understand how to control my sugar and BP. Now I live a good and normal life. Diabetes is a serious disease until I understood about it. I did not realize how dangerous it was. Now I understand that I can live like a normal person. I understand what to avoid and what is necessary. My family and my doctor work to help me. She explains the treatment well. She cares for me. Someone said it is truly better to avoid sweets now than to treat the problems later. I am thankful to Dr Angela for helping me. She is my helper. All patients should have doctors who help them control their disease. Then they are empowered to control it themselves. We should not think of diabetes as a light disease, but a serious one

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