2020 Global Art Competition

049 Abdul S, age 16, Pakistan

My name is Abdul Samad. I am a diabetic patient. When I was 9 years old this disease began. I go to BCH for treatment. My life is different from healthy children. In the beginning I had many troubles. Before leaving home, I put snack food in my pocket such as lentil snacks, dates, and toffee, so that I can eat them if my sugar level drops. When my sugar is high, I check my sugar three times a day.

It is mandatory that I use insulin. According to the doctor’s advice, I need to avoid sugary things. Every month I need to have a check up. Now I am 16 years old, and live like well children. I attend school. I play hard, too, and participate in games. I lead a normal life. My good friends don’t even know that I am a diabetic.