2020 Global Art Competition

047 Hamza, age 19, Pakistan

1. A healthy person can eat anything he likes. A healthy person can play every game. When he gets a cut or scratch, it is not very dangerous because he can heal easily.

A diabetic in contrast to the healthy person can’t eat everything or play every game because when this person gets cut, he would easily become very sick. It is very dangerous for him.

2. A healthy person does not need to have testing. He doesn’t need blood testing often.

When the diabetic checks his sugars, he gets sore on his fingers from the testing.

3. A healthy person doesn’t need to wear shoes all the time. He does not have to worry about getting a scratch on his feet. If he gets a cut, he has no problem.

Wearing shoes is mandatory because a sore on the foot is dangerous.

4. A healthy person can keep his sugar 70-120. After eating it may go to 140-160, but not higher.

For a diabetic person, testing is mandatory. When he is fasting his sugar is 100-150. After eating his sugar goes very high compared to a healthy person, sometimes more than 300.

5. The diabetic’s pancreas does not work well or even at all compared to a healthy person. Therefore the diabetic person needs insulin or medicine from the outside.

6. In a healthy person, the pancreas works well. This person does not go into a coma. When a diabetic person’s pancreas does not make enough insulin, then slowly they will go into a coma. When there is not enough insulin, then the patient feels hungry, thirsty, with lots of perspiration, drowsiness, and palpitations.

Translated by Dr Angela