2020 Global Art Competition

046 Priscilla, age 11, Ghana

My Life With Diabetes

My name is Osaa Adu Priscilla. I was born on 13th September, 2008 at Mampong-Ashanti. I come from Wadie-Adwumakase.

I was monitored by my parents because my elder brother and my mother have diabetes. As they visited their specialists, they made them aware I am likely to have diabetes as well. My parents realized I drink water and urinate frequently at the age of ten years. My mother tasted my urine one night and found out there was sugar in it. I was sent to the hospital and the doctor diagnosed and found out it was diabetes. My sugar level was 18mml/l. I was referred to Komfo Anokye Child Unit to a specialist. I was asked to run series of tests.

Later, I was given insulin and glucometer which has helped me a lot. I was told by the doctor to stop eating sweet foods. I was taught how to exercise my body to reduce weight. Exercising my body has helped me as well.

I was directed to a dietitian by my specialist. I was taught the food to eat and foods to avoid. I visit my specialist once a month. I take my medications every day. As a result my sugar level has reduced to 9-12mml/l.