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038 Faiza, age 24, Ghana

I was diagnosed as a diabetic on 15th June, 2007 at nearby hospital called “Dr. Osie Memorial Hospital” by a doctor called Dr. Abu in Kumasi. Infact, I was worried but not that much, because I was having a bit idea about diabetes, but wanted the doctor to confirm first.

Am saying I have a bit idea about diabetes because my mum has lived with diabetes over 20 years and I have seen the kind of suffering my mum went through, the way she urinate, drink water and so on. She moved from one health facility to the other, taking herbs just to see that, she is cured but to no avail.

Before I was taken to the nearby hospital, I use to urinate a lot, eat a lot, drink a lot of water, bed wetting at the age of 15 and occasionally boils appear randomly on my body, experience blurred vision, weakness, dizziness, fast heartbeat and difficulty in breathing normally. My nearby doctor wrote a letter for me to take to Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital “KATH” at that time, the doctor has already controlled the level of my sugar. I met a specialist who taught me how to live my life with diabetes. He advise me to take heart, if am having diabetes does not means am going to die, I can live my life the way I want it but to make sure I always inject my insulin as a type 1 DM because every type one DM depend on insulin.

I feel uncomfortable because I was not having a glucometer to check my blood sugar regularly to know if the insulin am taking is doing me good or bad. Sometimes, I inject but still urinate a lot. Sometimes too, will inject not knowing I have to take more than my dosage or less, so it made life difficult. Lucky, I was introduced to an organisation who deals with diabetes and educate us too. They provide us with glucometers, insulin, syringes and more which made my life simple and very healthy than before – called Diabetes Youth Care (DYC).

Having the glucometer helped control my sugar level and my mum’s which has track our sugar level correctly. I have been told by a doctor that a type one diabetic inherit such a disease from parent or birth and I have also read that a type one diabetic depends on insulin. Every day I inject and is mindful of whatever I eat or drink.

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