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037 Ramziya, age 17, Ghana

My Life Story In Diabetes

I was diagnosed as a diabetic on 6th May, 2014. Infact I wasn’t in shock because I already know the symptoms of it. I was waiting for the doctor to confirm because before I had this sickness, I was very fat but all of a sudden I started growing lean, drinking lot of water, frequent urine and eat a lot at night.

I was admitted at the hospital for a month because my sugar level was very high. At that time, I don’t have a glucometer, insulin and syringe. I was taken only herbs but it doesn’t help. Then the doctor was given me metformin but still my health isn’t improving. That is where the doctor write a letter to my mom to take it to Juliponia and get insulin from there. She brought the insulin and the inject me. After 3 hours the doctor checked and the sugar has decreased. Since then I started taken insulin.

I was transferred to Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH) in Kumasi, when my sis was taken there. I was taken to consulting room 10 where I met Dr. Ameyaw and nurse Lizzy and Debby who introduce me to DYC, where I get insulin, syringes and glucometer for free. Infact DYC has really helped us because where we use to go for review, they don’t educate us on how to maintain good health, the kind of food to take as a diabetic, how to prevent your insulin from spoiling and the part of our body that we have to inject. DYC has really helped us with tht and we are happy with it especially my mom. You made life easy for her when it comes to our drugs.

I want to become a nurse in future. Since I got diabetes, my academics performance is very low, my understanding status is poor – my eye too is disturbing me. When I sit for a long period of time, my leg will start paining me. I get tired easily, my heart beat faster. With all that I still want to be a nurse in future. I want to fulfill my mom’s dream. She is trying her possible best but due to financial problems, she couldn’t. We appreciate everything you did for us but we are pleading for you to come to our aid so that my mom can fulfill her dreams. We joining DYC is a blessing to my family and all those living with diabetes.



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