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My Diabetic Condition

On 5th October, 2018, I was diagnosed as diabetic. On hearing this I wasn’t surprised because some of my family members have contracted the disease. For example my mother, paternal uncle and grandmother.

My mother lost her eyesight, became overweight and lost her strength before she kick the bucket in 2013. Also, my paternal uncle’s right leg was amputated before he died two years ago. In addition, my paternal grandmother is alive but has grown very fat and can hardly walk now.

Having witness all these in my own family, it has dawned on me that the control, management and care of the disease are mainly my responsibility. Of course with the help of other healthcare professionals who from time to time can offer valuable professional advice or help which could go a long way to better ameliorate the negative effect of the disease on me.

Over the years, I have notice certain visible signs of the disease in me. These are weight gain, occasional weakness, dizziness, random swellings, frequent urination which is sugary and occasional blurred vision. I have not rest on my oars but rather made conscious effort to visit the hospital as often as possible, take the prescribed drugs, check my diet and do a lot of exercise.

So far I can say with certainty that my diabetic state is more favourable and encouragable. If I persistently continue to take good care of myself in terms of how to control, manage and care for the disease, I can live a normal life without any serious visible or hidden sign or effect on me for the rest of my God given lifespan.

It is very expensive financially to care for the disease. Therefore, the government, civil society groups, non-governmental organisations, philanthropists and other well-meaning individuals, should be encouraged to support needy people who are diabetic to lessen their financial burden.

Also, radio stations and other media houses in the country should always use their medium to educate people on the need to check their diabetes status periodically for early detection. This will go a long way to properly manage the disease and reduce it’s debilitating effect on individuals, families, community and the nation as a whole.

In conclusion, diabetes, which is an age-long illness, can now be cared for far better than it used to be in the past.

Sadly, some people have allowed themselves to be deceived to believe that it is obtained through witchery or sorcery and have therefore sought to cure it by consulting Mallams, Shrines and other self-styled pastors.

All these have been proven scientifically to be fallacies which must be thrown behind us. But rather result to the empirically proven and tested ways to manage diabetes in a healthy way.

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