2020 Global Art Competition

021 Marcus, age 11-15, Bolivia


A long, long time ago there was a boy named Tayron, a boy who got diabetes because he had a person who pressured him to say something that he did not want to. Because of the pressure and because he felt bad for not wanting to say it, one morning he got sick and vomited twice, once before breakfast and the other after breakfast. The boy was at his uncle’s house, and his uncle had to call his dad to tell him he was sick. Well, his uncle called his dad and told him that he vomited and that he was sick. His dad took him out for fruit juice. The boy still felt sick, and his dad took him to the hospital to the emergency room. When the doctors saw him moving like there was nothing wrong, they were surprised because the boy had a blood sugar level of over 500, and he looked fine. Well, the doctors said that the child was sick, they admitted him to the hospital, and he was there for 6 months without being able to do anything. His family came often to visit him. When the boy left the hospital, he did not want to go back there ever again. It was a horrible experience. Well. with nothing more to say, this story is over…