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022 Maria, age 18, Bolivia

And it goes like this…
A new day for me,
it is like a new beginning.
It hurts, and it hurts a lot to know about you.
How to start, a new progress.
I wish I had never met you
because you have made me vanish.
Even my family looks at me differently
without knowing that my life has another meaning.
Inside me there is great anger
because no one feels my pain.
How can I tell them that my soul explodes
if my family only knows another color.
God, give me courage
to bear this pain,
because I think of that color
and so many like me ask you for that favor.
I smile, I cry, and I smile again
because I have joy in my life.
Every day thanks to you, my God, I can live.
The company of my family in my existence.
I beg you and I ask you, my lord,
that people stop suffering,
that they live a better day
And that, by your hand, diabetes can be extinguished.
I ask you, friend,
not to judge without reason,
since each life has a meaning
and our Lord has a reason.
A motive for you and me to live.
You are healthy and I have this silent suffering.
But Jesus put you here for me
to accompany my daily life.
God, accompany me, I want to ask you
that you do not let my family and friends suffer,
I want to live holding your hand,
and a new family in my life may exist.

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