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020 Lia, age 19, Bolivia

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Dulce. Since she was little, this girl was thin and she grew up this way, until one night everything changed. Dulce had gone up to the second floor of her house where she found a snake and got very scared. That night she could not sleep, and ever since she started getting sicker and losing weight. Her mother, with the concern she felt when seeing her daughter Dulce, one day decided to take her to a healer where she lived, but her father objected since his beliefs were not in favor of those actions. So, the days passed, and Dulce was getting worse and worse until they decided to find a hospital to find out why their daughter was so ill. And so, they found one, but instead of getting better, Dulce got worse and worse until one day her parents met an old friend who took a good look at Dulce and recommended that they take her to the Vivir con Diabetes (Living with Diabetes) center. Because when they were talking to Dulce’s parents, they commented on the symptoms and signs that her daughter was showing, and that is how they suspected that she might have diabetes. The next day they took her in and did the respective tests and they diagnosed her with Type 1 diabetes, since Dulce at that time weighed 60 pounds, and she was 11 years old. That is how they admitted her for her recovery. She thought that when she returned home, they would no longer have to inject her with insulin, but that is not what happened. On the contrary, the doctor explained what diabetes was about and how she had to take care of herself. From the first day, she had to learn to inject herself, check her glucose, and eat healthy, because her parents did not have much time for her since she had other siblings that her mother had to give time to in the same way. Her parents also had to work because they had to make enough money for her siblings to study and have food. So, Dulce had to get used to the new and better life she was beginning to live.

Since then, at 11 years old, she was moved to know that her destiny changed thanks to the help she received from the Living with Diabetes Center, because they saved her life and made her recover satisfactorily. She also began to feel great admiration for the doctor who took care of her in her routine visits, because thanks to her and her staff the lives of many children and young people with diabetes are saved.

Dulce was no longer a child, the years passed, and the time came when she had to decide which career to study for which she felt a huge passion and she would dedicate her life to in the future. It was then that Dulce knew what she wanted because since she was little, she had great admiration for her doctor who helped her manage her diabetes. Her decision was clear and exact, and she enrolled to study medicine to become a great doctor. Her biggest goal is to become an endocrinologist so she can help improve and change the destinies of young children and adults with diabetes. In this first stage of Dulce’s career, she understood that, for her, medicine meant art, admiration, and passion. Dulce, like all children, is grateful for the life she received every day to be able to continue living with dreams and goals along with diabetes.

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