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019 Leandro, age 8, Bolivia

One day I got very sick, everyone looked at me intensely with sadness, no one knew what was wrong with me until I went to the hospital. I was hospitalized for a long time. I liked the hospital food, the nurses really loved me. I stayed for so long that I did not want to leave. At first, the pricks hurt, it hurt as if Thor was stabbing me with his hammer. Afterwards it no longer hurts, now it does not hurt anymore, every time I get pricked, I feel ticklish.

I liked to eat a lot of candy and drink a lot of sodas, but when I returned home, they no longer let me eat everything, they hid it as if it were a concealed secret. At first, I did not understand and since they would not let me eat, I would take things from my classmates from school so when my mother picked me up from school, she would get upset. Later I understood that I cannot eat them because my blood sugar rises and that is not good. That is what the doctor said, and what they said in the conferences at the center.

I often crave everything, but I am already learning not to eat things with sugar, and my parents let me have a treat if I behave.

When it is high and my parents are not there, I run like The Flash around the house with MATEA, haha that’s my brother’s name.

It is still hard for me, sometimes I cannot resist but I am already learning. I know I should not do it because I want to live a long time like my grandmother Nancy.

My mom screams loudly, she seems crazy when my sugar is high and I no longer want to make her scold me, otherwise they punish me, and she will not let me play with my XBOX. So, everyday I try not to eat things that have sugar.

My mother says that diabetes is not a disease, it is a way of life, and I will live a long time because I eat very well and healthy, not like everyone else who eats unhealthy things.

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