2020 Global Art Competition

018 Kimberly, age 24, Bolivia


Sometimes I have fought in my heart
due to despair
that afflicts my soul
I have thought of stopping,
I have thought of taking a step back,
I do not want to keep trying
because my strength is already weakened.
But I look around,
my family, friends, and the beautiful things in life,
I am happy and inside I hear,
do not give up!
Sometimes dreams,
they can turn into lonely nightmares
that do not leave you alone.
It seems that the days are getting shorter,
but that is a lie.
The control of your life is in your hands,
it is in your hands to stay alive.
Never let myself fall.
Do not give up.
Never get discouraged.
Feeling unmotivated is taking a step back
We must have will.
Having fallen is not a reason to be frustrated.
Having learned to be strong in any situation,
not being dead is being successful.
When I am filled with joy, I wake up with more strength to fight.
Knowing how to persevere
is the magic that you win out of this life.
Everything happens for a reason
and if we have to live this situation
it is because we are strong.
Because we carry a burden for life
that if we see it with optimism
we will be victorious.
Day after day in life
we have to start over
forgetting the bad things we did,
doing what is right,
knowing who we are,
facing what we carry day after day.
We will win in this horrible nightmare
called diabetes.