2020 Global Art Competition

015 Jessica, age 16, Bolivia


“Get well soon” were the words they said to me that day.
Although I knew that this disease would not end, on the contrary, it would
become my life partner.

But even so I received those words with much love and joy,
because those words had the hope that I would improve.
That “get well soon” brought hope for life in me.

As the months passed, I felt that I was recovering.
That is why I will always thank God for having put them on my
and most of all for being my friends.

Sometimes when you are sick, you forget the joy of life.
But you would not imagine that just by saying “get well soon” you can
completely change that bad perspective on life
that a person once had.

And we change it so that that person who is ill can
change that point of view
And for them to give life a new opportunity.