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My soul mate – Diabetes –

Hello, how are you, my great little life companion? Today I want to talk about you, about everything I feel and think about you, everything that you make me go through, whether it is good or not so good, everything you make me do. Although my acquaintances and friends think that you are the worst, the truth is that you are not. I know that you teach me and help me in some aspects of life and care, such as being more responsible and dedicated, teaching me that there are limitations to this beautiful challenge called “life”. That in spite of everything you will be with me. I always imagine you as someone or something that is with me that I have to take care of, since sometimes you play with my glucose levels which we know is not good, but I know how to calm you down so that we are in harmony teaching me to know myself and be responsible for the 9 years that we have known each other. My teachers are surprised by the knowledge I have of you, that is why they see me as someone important and outstanding, which is good from my point of view. I believe that without you I could not be all that I am now, and you do not know how important that is. With ups and downs in all this learning to help me define who I am, how I am, and who I want to be. I am sure that thanks to you I chose to study a nursing career since it has something similar to you, when it comes to care, the human side, perseverance and updates in all aspects related to health. I’m really grateful to you, and I never saw you as a bad thing. I cannot imagine what would have become of me without you. Thank you for everything, dear friend, because thanks to you I discovered that I am not alone, that there are more like me. Thanks to you I met wonderful people who became important to me. Thanks to you I am the guy who wants to get ahead, who does not give up, who will continue day by day, who accepts you completely because, to me, you are my gift and my blessing, my companion, my soul mate.

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