2020 Global Art Competition

014 Jaedel, age 11-15, Bolivia

Life with Diabetes


Proposal to improve the quality of life of people with diabetes depending on what Type, 1 or 2.
My proposal is that people who have diabetes or have just been diagnosed should not feel bad or discouraged because it is not an evil disease, it is only an accompanying disease, because it has no cure, so it will accompany you until your death.

So if you decide to say it is just a disease that you know how to manage, it will be fine and that way you will live like a normal person. But there are certain rules to comply with, such as not consuming sugar or things with sugar because that can cause problems in your health, and I think you do not want those consequences. But there are special occasions where you can have sugar but not in excess or too often and after that compensate for it with exercise, otherwise you will have “high blood glucose”. But if you decide to feel bad and ignore your diet, you will have to abide by the consequences, because the consequences can be mild or dangerous and that is why you should not see diabetes as a disease, but as a companion that you must manage well sometimes. And that is why it is a companion in our life. Well, I write so that those who have recently been diagnosed with diabetes do not feel bad and have a normal life without discrimination and bullying.

By Jaedel Colque Carzorla