2020 Global Art Competition

013 Gustavo, age 23, Bolivia

Adapting to Diabetes

Diagnosed at the age of ten with a big question, what is diabetes? For me it was just a strange word at that time, the doctor explained to me with a great metaphor that, to this day, I do not forget: imagine a seesaw in which the board is the blood sugar level, and you will have to dedicate your life to a strict management to be able to maintain the sugar levels within the acceptable parameters, otherwise you will have complications. The moment I found out that I could not eat candy and sugary products and I had to prick myself three times a day, I was disappointed because when you are ten years old you are not prepared for such strict management to be able to cope with diabetes.
I am currently 23 years old, and I have lived with diabetes for 13 years, during which I have been able to adapt considerably since, as the years go by with ups and downs, something positive came into my life, which is to have a healthy life and that being cautious with my health is always good. Since having all those check-ups, injections, diet, exercises, among other aspects, I lead an absolutely normal and long-lasting life, because having a good health management we can live many more years, and I am also in contact with other patients with diabetes looking for ways and advice to adapt and be able to have good self-management with diabetes so as not to have complications over the years.