2020 Global Art Competition

012 Gerdon, age 12, Guatemala

What is diabetes? Situation where blood glucose levels are increased. The glucose that builds up in the blood is called glycemia.

It is never too late to change your life.

My story

My name is Gerson Estuardo Morales Buezo. I am 12 years old and have Type 1 diabetes. I was diagnosed on December 29, 2018. From that moment I felt like a warrior, and I began to fight with this new life which was very difficult at the beginning because I wanted to eat and drink everything I was used to.

Doing it daily was a very difficult process to accept. With this condition I learned to identify that diabetes is not a disease but a small change in life. For example, to lead a healthy life with a diet, do not eat more than one carbohydrate in the meal, exercise one hour a day.

Visiting my doctor every three months and managing every mealtime and keeping my glycosylated hemoglobin low every (unreadable). I thank my family because they have been taking care of me, Dr. Soto, one of the doctors who has seen me, and Dr. García, who is the one who sees me every three months.

I thank the Life for a Child institution for the help they give me. Thanks to them I have been able to manage my diabetes in my house, school, and anywhere we go out with my family since with their help we have achieved many things since we are low-income. Thanks to God and to you, we continue to grow with diabetes.

Gerson Morales. My story. Guatemala, February 29, 2020.