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011 Franco, age 13, Bolivia

Footprints of destiny

Life penetrates gently
through the small holes of my existence
caressing each strand of my being,
pushed by the need to survive,
accompanied by a stupid hope
that lives captive of a destiny already marked,
the fragility of a sweet body
that slowly fades
in the delicate lips of the eternal Morpheus.
Sometimes I find myself in the need to rewrite my destiny,
but… the smoke, it does not give in
and my life slows down and stops, freezing time.
If we were replaceable as some say,
we would not leave a void in others.
I observe and observe…
The rain that slides gently on the bell tower
as fragile and crystalline angels tears
as when one of us departs like a wind without destiny
only accompanied by a spirit already overthrown.
Wet but dry in feelings you slide away
penetrating and defiant.
Caressing my unstable vitality,
but time may forgive everything, everything…
Everything?… except human dissatisfaction with the pleasures,
and the gluttony of delights that do not satisfy the need of a society,
a society that ignores the suffering of its consequences.
Only when you are cornered inside the diabetic arms
You try the gel of indifference.
Indifference, imposed by a society marked by stereotypes
that promote generations immersed in ignorance.
Ignorance from which arise industrial magnates and false politicians
who put a price on your life.
One person, which in millions is worth one more zero.
But the urge to breathe is stronger than a number.
And so hope is a refuge for life.
Life, that fights in the face of adversity
of a physical and emotional instability.
Emotion that reaches a breaking point,
where existentialism takes you to the point of madness
And we think… is it possible???
If a price would be put on our life, we would possibly be devalued
by small or large factory defects,
which make us unique and valuable,
but society is not willing or fully prepared to accept it.

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