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Me with diabetes

Hello, my name is Fabiana Karla Aguirre Castro. I was born on June 6, 2009. I have had diabetes since I was seven years old. When I would come back from school I would always want to go to the bathroom and I was very thirsty, my sugar was checked, and it was at 560 and I had to be admitted in the hospital.

I was admitted for eight days; I did not know what diabetes was or why they would prick me. Since then, my whole life changed completely. After six months, they detected epilepsy. I began to take care of myself. I live with my aunt, my grandparents, my siblings, and my mother. They take care of me a lot every day and I have to prick myself six times. The pricks hurt and that leaves a lot of bruises on my arms. They took me to the Vivir con Diabetes center (living with diabetes) where they help me reflect on my illness. After a while my blood sugar went up and they took me to the hospital, and I stayed there for a week. Then the center held a camp in a country house where I learned to take insulin and take better care of myself.

The following year I was hospitalized again but this time in intensive care because I had ketoacidosis. I was hospitalized for eight days. After a while, in January of this year, they put me in the hospital again because I had a seizure. I started screaming and shaking and could not react, but the good thing is that my older sister showed up with my glucometer, and my glucose level was at fifty-eight. They took me to the emergency hospital and again I was hospitalized for two days. After that, I was able to travel to Santa Cruz with my mother, my grandmother, and my sister.

This is the story of what happens with many patients who live with diabetes that suffer every day. Despite everything, I am happy because I have a family that helps me and takes care of me.

Thank you.

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