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061 Wellington, age 22, Liberia

It was one Monday evening which was February 4, in the year 2019; I encountered a fever that make me feel very weak, drink fast, my throat begins to get dry, and I urinate frequently.

I was first taken to the Payee Clinic for treatment. After all my tests by the nurse they told me that I have malaria and infection.

They prescribed some medication for me. After two weeks of treatment at the Payee Clinic, my conditions were more difficult than before. For this reason, my parents became very concerned and took me to the Saclepea Comprehensive Health Center on the 20th of February. There, the health worker told me that I have diabetes.

I remained at the Saclepea Comprehensive Health Center for the period of two and half months but my condition didn’t improve. I continue to drink fast, urinate frequently, my throat continued to get dry while I continue to feel very weak.

Due to the continuation of these signs and symptoms, I was later transferred to the E & J Medical Center in Ganta, Nimba County on 4th of May 2019. After four days of treatment at the E & J medical Center, I was finally transferred to Ganta United Methodist Hospital Diabetes Unit on 8th of May 2019 because E & J lacked specialized diabetes care professionals.

When I entered the Methodist Hospital, the health worker took good care of me and gave me the right medication and all the materials I need to use, as a diabetic person, for my daily care.

After two weeks of treatment at the Ganta United Methodist Hospital, my conditions began to improve. Because of this reason I finally accepted that I have diabetes and I was willing to follow all rules and treatment that was given to me by the health worker.

I bless God for the Methodist Hospital because they always give me all my medicines and materials free of charge. With the treatment giving to me by the Methodist Hospital, I am feeling well in my body. I don’t experience any difficult signs and symptoms like before.

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