2020 Global Art Competition

051 Amjid, age 25, Pakistan

My name is Amjid Ali. I am from a poor family. I am a diabetic. I am deaf and cannot speak. I was 2.5 years old when I developed diabetes. This has caused my life to have troubles. When my parents learned about my disease, they were very worried, but now I am a young man. I cannot do difficult manual labor because I have had this disease so long. My health deteriorates suddenly any time. I always need to be near another person, who can help me.

I have to inject insulin twice daily. My younger brother also has this disease. He used to inject insulin when he was little, but now only takes oral medication. Dr Angela is a good doctor. Because of her guidance, my brother is much better. She has really helped our family. My brother is much better compared to before. Diabetes is a bad disease. May God save all people from this problem.

Thank you,
Amijid Ali