2020 Global Art Competition

031 Rosned, age 25, Bolivia


My name is Rosned Viviana Serrano Pinto. I am 25 years old, and I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes Mellitus when I was 14 years old, and I have lived with it ever since.

It was very difficult to accept it and to handle the blood glucose highs and lows. Thanks to God I could always count on and have the support of my mom, who is a fundamental pillar in my life and in the lives of all my siblings, who were always concerned about my well-being.

For everyone at home, it was difficult to cope with the situation. I had many fights with my mother and siblings, but they always showed me that I could be a normal person. Since I was diagnosed with diabetes, I asked myself why I had to deal with this situation at my young age. And I asked God why I had to live through this situation if I had already lived a hard childhood without having my father by my side. But as time went by, I understood that God gave me the responsibility of taking care of myself to be a stronger person and to prove to myself that I am capable, and that he will always be by my side.

I had a single hypoglycemic crisis in 2018, a day after my birthday. I still do not remember how it happened, but I know it was a huge concern for everyone at home. For me, I felt a huge fear of dying, because I still feel that I have a lot to do and many dreams to fulfill.

Today I struggle to completely stabilize my blood glucose and to be better, but I am very happy and grateful because I know that I have many people by my side who love and support me unconditionally. Especially my beautiful daughter Diana Isabel, my little 5-year-old. She is my world and the reason why I want to live, to see her grow up and see her happy. Diabetes did not deny me the opportunity to be a mother.

Diabetes is very hard, it takes time to know it and cope with this life condition, to know yourself, to accept yourself and continue fighting day by day. Even so, you get tired because the daily pricks hurt, the blood glucose highs and lows hurt, and there is always the concern of not knowing how you will feel the next day. These things are only known to people who suffer from this condition, but when you leave everything in God’s hands, everything becomes more bearable.

I thank God for every day that he gives me life. I always ask him for my health, and that my daughter never suffers from this condition, always hoping that this will soon end.