2020 Global Art Competition

029 Rebeca, age 13, Bolivia

Once upon a time, there was a girl, her name was Sarita, she had a normal life, and she was very obedient to her mother. She loved her whole family very much, and she tried to enjoy every day of her life. Everyone loved her very much because she was the youngest of the whole family. She used to be very chubby. Sarita loved the color pink.

Everything was normal for her, until she suddenly began to lose weight, she began to feel very thirsty, and she constantly went to the bathroom. This was something new for Sarita.

Sarita and her mother were very sad and very worried because they did not know what to do. They were looking for a cure for what she had.

Then they discovered a clinic that helped them a lot, and then Sarita started taking insulin.

Sarita learned that diabetes has no cure, but it can be managed. And to this day, Sarita self-manages with a glucometer and insulin.