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007 Christian, age 24, Ecuador


It is my reality: patience and perseverance;
understanding the past, moving through the present and deciphering the future;
being resilient in the face of adversity and to understand;
carrying a backpack through life, perhaps heavier or maybe not, perhaps a different kind of backpack.
It is my reality, mine and nobody else’s;
maybe less common, or maybe more common than any;
perhaps less enjoyable, or perhaps more satisfying than all the others;
it is neither better nor worse, but it is just as necessary;
“real” reality, alive, of the here and now, and with hope.
It is my reality, nobody takes it away from me;
a reality with rights and obligations: a state with unique responsibilities,
but a territory with freedom and
fanfare, in the end.
A worthy reality like yours and respectable like all;
it is much more than what is visible and goes beyond the scientific;
it is emotion, it is feeling, and it is thinking.
Diabetes is my reality;
it is my style, my form, and my sense of belonging;
it is my story, my effort, and my purpose;
it is my anecdote, my blood, my strength and message.
It’s my engine. It is my motivation.
It is my reality and that of all the people with diabetes in the world: it is mine, it is yours, it belongs to a
mother, it belongs to a friend, it belongs to a brother, it is ours, it belongs to everyone….
Diabetes is not denied or evaded, it is invited to enter the living room of our lives to
become a great and inseparable friendship.
It is not allowed to lose hope, it is not allowed to weaken an illusion, it is not allowed to frustrate a dream, it is not allowed to fall without getting up afterwards.

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