2020 Global Art Competition

008 Cintya, age 20, Mexico

“Not only insulin saves the life of a person with T1D”

Try to show that no matter what age you were at the time of diagnosis, the first few days you feel tiny, and your fears seem immense. Just as a child can fear needles, you fear all the changes that will occur in your life from now on; and even if you are “scared” when injecting yourself, you do it because you know that insulin will save your life. In the same way, even if you feel angry, sad, etc., and/or do not want to accept that from that day on you will live with diabetes, you know that you, your family, your friends, and many other things are the pillars you need to cope with it and that can save you just like insulin.

We are not alone.
We never will be.
#SugarBrothers J

Cintya Paola Durán Ropon
20 years old, from Mexico, Jalisco.