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004 Angel, age 10, Guatemala

The story of my life

My life has been very hard since I was diagnosed with diabetes because I became a child who had everything available around me.

My mom put me in a nursery because she had to work. My teachers loved me a lot but then everything changed because my teachers were changed and they rejected me for having diabetes, and my mom had to take me out of there. Then it was my time to study and at school the principal, tand the education authorities, forced my mom to hire a nurse to take care of me as if I were a dangerous person. That made me feel very sad because I wanted to have a normal life and to be able to make friends to play with. I changed schools and I met very good people who did not treat me badly. I study hard to be an exemplary student, and now I am the flag bearer for my class.

I am proud of who I am today, at first it was very difficult to take care of my diabetes because we did not always have the resources to buy my strips and be able to check my glucose and take my insulin, thanks to the Association “Creciendo con Diabetes” (“Growing up with Diabetes”) which has given me a lot of help, I have been able to manage my glucose very well.

Today I am a happy child who really enjoys playing with my Wii console. I enjoy swimming in pools and going for a walk with my family.

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