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Spare a Rose 2017

Thank You to the Diabetes Online Community!

Over $22,000 was raised by Spare a Rose during 2017, enabling Life for a Child to support 369 young people with the insulin, tools and education they need to manage their diabetes.

Our Education Director, Angie recently visited Colombo in Sri Lanka to see your donations in action. Watch the video above and see the difference support from Life for a Child has made in the life of Nuzaira. Her family could not afford the insulin or supplies she needed but with help from Life for a Child she is now doing really well, working as a nursery teacher and has a little girl of her own.

‘’There were heartbreaking moments along with heart-warming ones.’’ Angie said about her visit.

‘’One of the toughest moments was meeting Amila, a 22-year-old young woman who was diagnosed with T1 when she was 12 years old. She is dealing with multiple complications, and the devastation on her mother’s face was heartbreaking.’’

Life for a Child is working with the National Diabetes Centre to support Amila and her mother. We are striving to equip the next generation with the insulin, education and tools they need to live long and healthy lives.

‘’We also visited 19 year old Sandramina at her uncle’s apartment. She was diagnosed at the age of 11 and struggles with the constancy of diabetes management and her consistently high blood glucose levels. She relies on her family to give her injections and was very reluctant to move from a twice daily insulin regimen to four injections a day.’’

Angie encouraged Sandramina to start giving her own injections to help increase her independence. She also suggested Sandramina chat with other teenagers at the activity day, to learn how her peers approach their management, in the hope of helping to reduce her feelings of isolation,  empowering her to move forward and face a positive future.

Your donations make this possible.

There are still  many children that need our support to manage their diabetes. For just $1 per day you can support a child with full care – a blood glucose meter and test strips, insulin and education. Make your pledge today.

Last but not least……

The Life for a Child team would like to say thank you to the superstars who come together every year to make the Spare a Rose campaign happen. Kerri, Manny, Mike, Bennet, Jeff, Kelly, Ava, Renza and Grumps – thank you so much.

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