2020 Global Art Competition

057 Zarbibi, age 18, Pakistan

The Effect of Diabetes on Me

Because of diabetes I have damage to my eyes. Both eyes have cataracts. My bones are weak. Twice I have broken my arms. I had an infection in my kidneys. Sometimes I get pain in my kidneys. My liver has increased in size, I have pain in my teeth and my teeth have become rotten. My hands and feet burn. Sometimes my feet swell. My blood pressure goes down. In spite of these problems I am not disheartened and I do my work regularly.

My name is ZarBibi and I have diabetes. I was ten years old when I developed diabetes.

The beginning symptoms

I had a recurrent thirst. I had increased hunger, but my weight decreased. I became anemic. When I walked, I had trouble breathing. All the time I felt weak. I had pain in my legs. I felt discouraged.

In all of these things when I went to the doctor, after testing, it became apparent that I had diabetes. In the beginning my sugar was 540. So the doctor started insulin. After that I used insulin three times a day. When my sugars became controlled, then I changed to twice a day insulin