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The Unexpected That Thought Me Well

Acheampong Kwartemaa Martha is my name. I am a thirteen year old girl and I am in JHS one at Our Good Mother International School in Accra. I would like to talk about my experience on diabetes. Diabetes is a condition caused by lack of insulin which makes patient excrete more urine which is also sugary.

Before I knew that I had gotten diabetes, I was feeling weak in doing thing, urinating more than expected. This made me urinate in bed because I used to drink a lot of water. I couldn’t understand this because a girl of eight years, how come I still urinate while asleep. I was also growing lean. So my parents took me to Afari Community Hospital when they also saw these symptoms in the the year 2015. We were told to go for a test at the laboratory. The results were out in some minutes and the doctor told my parents I had gotten diabetes. So he told us to go to Okomfo Anokye Hospital. We went and I was admitted. There I saw Dr. Ameyaw and Dr. Serwah Bonsu and they gave me a machine to test my sugar level. They also advised me on the things to do and those not to. There I was told to keep injecting Insulin R and Humulin N, so I took the insulin three times and humulin twice daily. From there I knew I was diabetic and continued with my injection.

Diabetes has really improved my knowledge. Before, I didn’t know about this condition caused by the pancreas nut functioning properly to produce the insulin needed by the body. Now I can check my sugar level and even check for others. Also now my education is improved on diabetes after attending advices sections from the doctors without even learning at school.

Same way diabetes has become a burden to me. I sometimes miss school because of DM. Sometimes I feel pain associated with the treatment and even limits my friendship. This is because I worry whether I will pass out.

This is my experience on diabetes. I always consider the advantages more because it makes me feel better and forget the disadvantages. And it makes me happier than one can think.

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