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Parent Manuals

Sources: Seattle Children’s Hospital, Dr. H. Peter Chase Barbara Davis Centre, Professor Geoffrey Ambler, Children’s Hospital Westmead & Professor Fergus Cameron, Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne & Editorial team

Caring for children and adolescents with diabetes – an Australian parent manual

Guidelines for managing diabetes

Diabetes NSW & ACT, As 1 diabetes pages

Understanding Diabetes, 11th edition

Diabetes Resources for Healthcare Providers, Families, Schools and Educators

Interactive sites

Source: Diabetes NSW & ACT

Diabetes NSW & ACT, As 1 diabetes pages

Other materials

Sources: Dr. M. de Clerck and Lepa and Bijou, Kinsha; Diabetes NSW & ACT; Learning about Diabetes, INC; Lilly Diabetes

For kids

What kids need to know about diabetes

Carbohydrate counting for children with diabetes

Food spinner

Mackenson’s Triumph over Diabetes


Multilingual resources

DKA prevention campaign

Guidelines & other resources

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