Successful Fundraisers

Successful Fundraisers

Sponsored runs/rides/lift-athons, concerts, special dinner donation days at schools, bar-mitzvah and bat-mitzvah presents, are only a few of the ways you can help to raise money for Life for a Child. Check out the below successful fundraisers for ideas for your next event.

Get everyone on the dance floor

Students of the Meriden School Interact Club in Sydney, Australia raised AU$5,000 for Life for a Child by hosting a dance for Year 7-9 students.

Cycle around a country or the world!

Diabetes Tasmania organised a 12-day, 600km adventure cycle tour of Sri Lanka for its members, raising funds and awareness of diabetes. Young Swiss cyclist Andrea Munger rode more than 13,000km over 10 months from Lausanne, Switzerland to Nagpur, India. He used his journey as a means to raise money for Life for a Child and build awareness of diabetes in the developing world.

Put on a show!

A class at the Universal American School in Dubai organised a fashion show and raised over US$500 for Life for a Child.

Blue Days

The Medical Science Club of Park House English School in Qatar arranged for their entire school to dress in blue for World Diabetes Day, raising funds for Life for a Child. Over US$1,600 was donated!

Coin & recycle drive

Lilly Branka, a nine-year-old American girl with type 1 diabetes, raised US$500 for LFAC by hosting a coin drive in her school and returning recyclable cans and bottles in exchange for money. Lilly’s donation was subsequently matched by two sponsors, bringing the total amount to US$1,500.

Be a model citizen

Freshmen at the University of Pennsylvania hold a Model United Nations conference every year, raising money for a different charity each time. In 2012, they chose to support Life for a Child.

Skate away

The Vancouver Island chapter of JDRF Canada held an ice-skating party at Christmas and suggested each family donate their entry free to Life for a Child. Almost US$200 was raised!

Christmas cheer

Rather than sending Christmas cards to its customers, Diasend AB used the money to make a donation to Life for a Child. Helping to save young lives and the environment!

Once you have submitted your fundraiser, we will send you a branded Life for a Child USA fundraiser starter kit, which includes promotional items to help make your fundraiser a success.