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Spare a Rose

Buy one less rose this Valentine’s Day

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Donate the cost of that Rose

To Life for a Child

Step 3
Give insulin to a child in need

Receive a printable card to give to someone special

How does Spare a Rose make a difference?

Rukia was only eight years old when her mother noticed her daughter’s health declining rapidly. A blood test revealed that Rukia’s blood sugar level was three times higher than normal - she had type 1 diabetes.

She initially found it hard to adapt to a new diet and having to administer daily injections, but due to a good support network, Rukia has been able to thrive.

"...seeing doctors almost every month drove out the inner doctor in me. My inspiration was my pediatric endocrinologist Dr. Edna Majaliwa, I used to say to myself that I will be just like her one day…”

Inspired by the healthcare professionals who work at our partner centre, Rukia decided to study medicine at university and is now in her final year. She hopes that in becoming a doctor she can help other young people just like her.

Thanks to donations from people like you, Life for a Child can provide Rukia with a reliable supply of insulin, a blood glucose meter and test strips and diabetes education.

How does Spare a Rose make a difference?

Gahan is eight years old and lives in a small village near the capital of Bangladesh.

When he was three years old he became seriously ill and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

“We felt like the sky had fallen down on us. We felt hopeless.” Gahan’s father.

His father is a fisherman and mother is a homemaker. They worried how they could afford the insulin and supplies that Gahan would need every day to survive his new diagnosis.

Thanks to donations from people like you, Life for a Child is able to provide Gahan with the reliable supply of insulin, blood glucose meter and test strips and diabetes education he needs.

Who will my donation help?

Amita, age 15, Nepal

“Amita comes to visit me every two months to collect her supply of insulin and test strips and is doing well. ” Dr. Santosh

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Brandon, age 22, Bolivia

“I want to prove that diabetes hasn't been an impediment for me. People with diabetes, we can do it!” Brandon

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Mireille, age 12, Rwanda

“I was weak and having blurred vision. I was thirsty. I always wanted to drink much water.” Mireille

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What is Spare a Rose?

Initiated by a group of members from the Diabetes Online Community, the Spare a Rose campaign raises funds for Life for a Child. The first campaign took place in 2013 and every year since the community has come together to make a difference in the lives of children living with diabetes in under-resourced countries.

Spare a Rose attracts many smaller donations which, together equal thousands of dollars, showing the impact even the smallest donation can have.

Who is Life for a Child?

In some under-resourced countries young people living with type 1 diabetes are unable to access life-saving insulin, blood glucose testing tools and diabetes education.

Life for a Child partners with diabetes centres in countries like Tanzania, Mexico, and India to provide these critical supplies to young people who would otherwise have nowhere else to turn. The program currently supports over 22,000 young people in 43 countries.

Together, we can achieve our vision: no child should die of diabetes.