03 March 2015

This Valentine’s Day, the Spare a Rose Save a Child campaign was once again a resounding success with over USD 24,000 raised for the IDF Life for a Child Programme (LFAC). Thanks to the 684 donations received, more than 400 children with diabetes in the developing world will be kept alive for one year.


The campaign asked individuals and organisations to buy the typical dozen roses, so popular on Valentine’s Day, and donate the value of one or more rose to save the life of a child with diabetes. LFAC was proud to renew its support to Partnering for Diabetes Change, a coalition of activists living with diabetes and industry representatives. 

"On behalf of the IDF Life for a Child Programme, the centers in 48 countries that we help, and the 15,000+ children and youth with diabetes who are supported, we thank you for your help this Valentine's Day. The funds will be used to provide blood glucose meters and test strips to children and youth in Africa, so that they can monitor their own condition, understand it, manage and prevent emergencies, and take control of their lives. Together we are transforming diabetes care in nations around the globe."

Dr Graham Ogle, General Manager, IDF Life for a Child Programme

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