Yasir - Pakistan

At age four, Yasir was rushed to hospital where doctors realized he was in Diabetic Ketoacidosis. He was diagnosed with type 1 and, for the next few days stayed in hospital and, along with his parents, learned how to manage his diabetes.

Yasir comes from a poor family, and lives in Karachi with his parents, and four brothers and sisters. His father is a laborer and his mother has her own business selling home-made snacks. Because of their low income and the high cost of diabetes supplies his family simply don’t have enough money to buy the insulin and tools Yasir needs to stay alive.

Life for a Child steps in to provide him with the tools he needs to manage his diabetes which includes his twice daily regimen of short and long-acting insulin and the strips he receives when he attends clinic every month.

Life for a Child’s Education Manager, Angie, first met Yasir in 2015 when she visited the National Institute for Children’s Hospital in Karachi, Pakistan. We are pleased to report that, two years later Yasir is doing well and these photos show him at his most recent clinic visit. He does, however, have persistently high blood glucose levels, and is undergoing testing for Coeliac Disease.

Yasir and his family do get very frustrated with his diabetes and wish it would go away.  However, they realise that he must take his insulin and monitor his blood glucose level. He attends school regularly and is at the correct grade for his age, although, he is shorter than his friends which makes him feel different.

If it wasn’t for the support of Life for a Child, Yasir’s parents would be unable to afford diabetes supplies.

Yasir’s story is full of hope and is just one of thousands empowered by donations from people like you.

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